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From A to B

One Step at a Time

Rethinking Bus Travel in Helsinki

The Current Experience

Highlighting issues through an international perspective
Busses don’t stop unless you wave at them.
But nobody ever tells you that.
Worried about navigating Finish names?
Sometimes you’ll only see Swedish versions.
Lost an item? Well, do you remember the unique bus number?

Step 1: Providing Context

Onboarding people new to the city to the transit system
Currently being worked on by HSL

Step 2: Preparing for Change

Testing technical foundation and user sentiment
Triggering basic travel notifications
Bigger margin for error in beginning

Step 3: The Journey Begins

Showing the right information at the right time
Highlighting navigation capabilities on home screen
Navigating to the bus stop
Overviewing the bus journey
Keeping track of past journeys

Turning the Vision Into Reality

I reached out to HSL and pitched my proposal to the design team. They are currently working on the first step and having active conversations about further stages.

Learn More

Check out my portfolio post to learn more about the process. I'm also always happy to chat about process details and behind the scenes stories.
Designed by Katarina. October 2023.